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cozumel reef guide

Cozumel Reef Guide: For Divers and Snorkelers available now at Amazon. Far more info in the book! .

Reef Map - Click on an individual reef name below or from the list on the right to see the reef description and photos.

image 1 Barracuda reef cantarel or Eagle Ray Wall Yellow House san juan reef

Note: not every reef or dive is listed here. These are the most popular dive sites in Cozumel. If you would like us to add a dive site, please contact us. At this time we do not have information about some of the dive sites, especially on the east side. We will create a page for those sites when a diver wishes to contribute a description and some photos.

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road shower

The Amazing Rack Mounted Solar Shower


Careyitos Adanced Divers

Tired of Cattle boats, or small bumpy boats. Here is what you get with Careyitos Advanced Divers:

  • Long 75 minute dives - if you have the air, they have the time.
  • Fresh lunch with fruit, veggies, sandwiches, etc
  • Big cabin for shade and sun deck for sun lovers. Small groups by ability. Usually about 8 divers on the boat.
  • Knowledgeable and trained dive masters and staff.
  • Know how to avoid the crowds underwater to see the most wildlife.
  • If you are a beginner or need that extra help, you can dive with your own private divemaster.
  • Leave the dock at 9AM...no early morning wake up in the dark. Back around 3:30PM. 2 longs dives. Bathroom on boat. Comfy!
  • This is Joel Cotton's pick as the best operator on the island. Email Joel at info@reefsofcozumel.com to have him introduce you to the boat.


Reef List

Other dive sites or dives near Cozumel.

Isla Mujeres Whale Shark Snorkel

Playa Del Carmen Cenote Dive